Our Investment Approach

JE Dunn Capital Partners delivers equity investment and project finance solutions, leveraged with our construction expertise. To date, we have sourced over $1 billion of equity and debt in construction projects through our direct relationships and strong lending network.

Planning & Preconstruction
Project Optimization

We leverage our industry-leading preconstruction tools and other innovative construction services to optimize project plans and value with a shared owner perspective.

Project Financing
Financial Strength and Flexibility

Our approach ranges from a co-GP involved in land acquisition to a Limited Partner entering deals a later stage.

Certainty of Execution

We leverage close to a century of construction expertise from JE Dunn Construction to ensure projects are completed on time and under budget.

An investment partner you can trust

JE Dunn Construction brand, reputation, and financial strength. Trust forged from nearly 100 years of construction experience.

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